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Upcoming Events 2022


October 23 @ 2pm

Church Anniversary

It's a celebration of all that God has done. Come and be blessed by the Word, performances and dinner!

Orlando & NSB Church

New Smyrna Beach - 27th Ave


Thursdays @ 7pm

Bible Study

Life changing Bible Study you won't want miss. All are welcomed as we discover God's Word together.

Orlando Church



Tuesdays & Thursdays

Fast and Pray

Orlando - Let's pray together and watch God do amazing things. Bring your prayer request.

Call: 605-313-4802

Access Code: 378626

IMG_1297 (1).GIF

Open Enrollment

Academy Now Enrolling

Grades K-12. Free breakfast and lunch.  Accepting new applications daily. Scholarships are available!


7301 Edgewater Drive


Wednesdays 6:00-6:15am

Christ Connection Prayer

Just 15 minutes! We encourage you to call in at 605-313-4802(Tmobile) or 425-535-9154(Metro) Code 378626.

Orlando & New Smyrna

Phone Line


Thursdays @ 6pm

Bible Study

Join our family as we read, and discover the purpose of wealth.

New Smyrna Beach Church

Faith Hall


Thursdays @ 5:00pm

Music Team Rehearsal

Has God given you the ability to sing or play an instrument? Come be a part of our worship Team

Orlando Church

In the Sanctuary


Every Day

Gain Wisdom

Join us as we read a Proverb a day. Let's grow in wisdom this 2022 year and be ready for the harvest!

Orlando & New Smyrna

Bible Reading


Tuesday Prayer NSB @ 9:15am

Prayer on the Phone Line

God hears His children as they pray. Let's join in faith and see His Mighty Hand.

Call: 206-451-6014

Access Code: 483969


Every Sunday

New Members

You can become a member here at any time - we just want to make it official! Come be a part of our family!

Orlando & New Smyrna

In the Sanctuary

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