Upcoming Events 2021


July 1-3

Church Wide 3 Day Fast

Prayer Lne opens @ 6am & 6pm

Pray for yourself, family, church & USA

Fast as the Lord leads you

Access Code: 378626

Call: 605-313-4802

July 22nd @ 5:30pm

Children's Night Out

Time for some Fun! The Children will eat at Chick-fil-a then head to the Jumpy Place in Edgewater, FL. 

Meet at the Faith Hall

New Smryna Beach Church


Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Prayer before Bible Study

For just 30 minutes we pray in agreement for the will and purpose of God. You are welcomed to come!

In the Fellowship Hall

Orlando Church

Tuesday Prayer Orlando @ 7pm

Prayer on the Phone Line

Orlando - Let's pray together and watch God do amazing things. Bring your prayer request.

Access Code: 378626

Call: 605-313-4802


Thursday @ 6pm

Dinner & Bible Study

Join our family as we read, eat and grow together. All are welcomed to attend. Dinner at 5:30pm!

Faith Hall

New Smyrna Beach Church

July 18th 

Fellowship Sunday

Join us for lunch after service. We would love to get to know you and your family. Come be a part!

Church Fellowship Hall

Orlando Church

July 24th @ 11am

Men's Fellowship Outing

The men are headed to Giuseppe's Pizza and the Living Legends of Auto Racing Museum in South Daytona.

Meet at Church Parking Lot

New Smyrna Beach Church

Thursdays @ 7pm 

Bible Study 

Let's grow together! God's Word is so important to living. Let's study It together.

In the Fellowship Hall

Orlando Church

Thursdays @ 5:30pm

Music Team Rehearsal

Has God given you the ability to sing or play an instrument? Come be a part of our worship Team

In the Sanctuary

Orlando Church

IMG_1297 (1).GIF

Open Enrollment

Academy Now Enrolling

Grades K-12. Free breakfast and lunch. We also have a daycare on site accepting 3 & 4 year olds!

7301 Edgewater Drive


July 15th @ 7pm

W.A.R. & M.O.V. Meeting 

Women Above Rubies & Men of Valor - we invite both young and old to a time of fellowship.

Fellowship Hall 


July 25th after service

Ladies' Fellowship Outing

Ladies will be eating out after service then headed to see "The Sound Music" at the Little Theater of NSB @ 2pm.

Meet at Church 

New Smyrna Beach Church

Every Sunday

New Members

You can become a member here at any time - we just want to make it official! Come be a part of our family!

In the Sanctuary

Orlando & New Smyrna

Tuesday Prayer NSB @ 9:15am

Prayer on the Phone Line

God hears His children as they pray. Let's join in faith and see His Mighty Hand.

Access Code: 483969

Call: 206-451-6014


Every Day

Read Through the Bible

Join us as we read through the KJV Bible together. Bibles are available in both Orlando & New Smyrna for $20

Bible Reading

Orlando & New Smyrna